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Farhana Rahman

Farhana RahmanFarhana Rahman (Cambridge International Trust and Murray Edwards Scholarship)

Rickety Boats to Refuge(e)?: Gender, Identity, and Everyday Negotiations of Displaced Rohingya Women

Supervisor: Dr Manali Desai (Department of Sociology)




I was born in Bangladesh, and raised in Zambia and Canada. I have several years of experience in the gender and development sector, working internationally for various development organizations in the global south. In 2015, I helped to establish the first academic program in gender studies in Afghanistan, based at the American University of Afghanistan in Kabul, where I also taught in the area of sociology of gender. Since 2011, I have been a consultant and trainer providing technical expertise on gender equality, social policy, education, and legal analysis for various UN Women, UNDP, and USAID projects in South Asia and Africa. I have lived in and worked on projects in a number of countries including Afghanistan, Uganda, Bangladesh, Zambia, India, Jordan, Kenya, and Germany.

Academic Background:

MPhil (Distinction) in Multi-disciplinary Gender Studies, University of Cambridge (2013-2014)

Honours BA in Peace and Conflict Studies, International Relations, Arabic (Language Citation), University of Toronto (2007-2011)