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University of Cambridge Centre for Gender Studies

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Lisa Vickers

Cambridge Trust Scholarship Feminist Political Parties: Sustainability, Longevity, and Impacts Supervisor: Dr Jude Browne (University of Cambridge Centre for Gender Studies) Abstract: The primary question my doctoral research seeks to answer is the following: Are feminist political parties built to...

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Kerry Mackereth

Gates Cambridge International Scholarship Bodies at their limits: rethinking political violence through women’s hunger strikes Supervisor: Dr Harald Wydra (Department of Politics and International Studies) Abstract: Hunger strikers operate in a liminal space between the active political subject and...

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Julia Doyle

Emmanuel College Derek Brewer Scholarship Supervisor: Dr Lauren Wilcox (University of Cambridge Centre for Gender Studies) N avigating Gendered and Racialised Discursive Landscapes as a Refugee Subject: The Genres and Contexts of Syrian Refugee Narratives Abstract: My PhD research focuses on...

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Jules Allen

ESRC Doctoral Training Partnership Studentship Social Norms and Fathers’ Use of Parental Leave Entitlements Supervisor: Professor Jude Browne (University of Cambridge Centre for Gender Studies) Advisor: Dr Maria Iacovou (Department of Sociology) Abstract: My research examines the ways that social...