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University of Cambridge Centre for Gender Studies

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Stefanie Felsberger

ESRC Doctoral Training Partnership/Cambridge Trust Scholarship Global Data Flows and Menstruation Abstract: Tech companies have amassed great capital through the commodification of data generated by people in their daily lives: this data is either sold or used to gain behavioural insights. In my...

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Reetika Revathy Subramanian

Gates Cambridge International Scholarship Brides of Drought: Gendered interlinkages between labour and marriage migration of adolescent wives/ workers in India’s climate crisis Supervisor: Professor Samita Sen (Vere Harmsworth Professor in Imperial and Naval History, Faculty of History) Abstract...

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Ola Osman

Gates Cambridge International Scholarship Where are they Now? Documenting the Reintegration Needs of Ex-Combatant Women in Liberia fifteen years after the civil war Supervisor: Dr Holly Porter (University of Cambridge Centre for Gender Studies) Abstract The transatlantic slave economy and “post-...

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Naoise Murphy

AHRC Open-Oxford-Cambridge Doctoral Training Partnership, Isaac Newton Trust Studentship Queering Irish Women’s Writing in the Twentieth Century Supervisor: Dr Caroline Gonda (Faculty of English) Abstract: Despite a resurgence of interest in the occluded voices of twentieth-century Ireland, the...

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Jenny Carla Moran

AHRC Doctoral Training Partnership / Cambridge European & Newnham College Scholarship Loveability Supervisor: Professor Sarah Dillon (Faculty of English, University of Cambridge) Abstract: In recent years, the phenomenon of techno-companion robotics, especially “sex bots,” has received...

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Anna Forringer-Beal

Gates Cambridge US Scholarship From White Slaves to Trafficking Victims: How Historic Perceptions of Migrants Shape Contemporary Anti-Trafficking Policy Supervisor: Professor Jude Browne (University of Cambridge Centre for Gender Studies) Abstract: The White Slavery Panics at the end of the...