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Dr Eleanor Drage

Dr Eleanor DrageDr Eleanor Drage is a Christina Gaw Post-doctoral Research Associate at the Centre for Gender Studies and a member of the Technology, Gender and Intersectionality Research Project team.

Eleanor started her career in financial technology before co-founding an e-commerce company. She graduated with an International Dual PhD from the University of Bologna and the University of Granada in 2019, where she was an Early Stage Researcher for the EU Horizon 2020 ETN-ITN-Marie Curie project “GRACE” (which investigated the production of 'cultures of gender equality' in Europe). As part of this project Eleanor helped develop a software application, which communicated intersectional feminist ideas and methodologies to the public. Her current research focuses on how humanity defines and constitutes itself both through socio-cultural processes such as race and gender and through its connection with computational networks and digital systems.

Eleanor explores how technology can prompt and develop certain kinds of behavioural skills, and how anti-racist and anti-sexist critical theory can be implemented at industry-level to develop ethical and socially transformative technological products. She is particularly interested in the application of queer and intersectional methodologies to technological processes and systems. Eleanor is also a Research Associate at Darwin College, Cambridge.

The Centre for Gender Studies, in collaboration with the Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence (CFI), is running a two-year research project on Technology, Gender and Intersectionality. The project, headed by Professor Jude Browne and Dr Stephen Cave and carried out by postdoctoral researchers Dr Eleanor Drage and Kerry Mackereth, brings a feminist, intersectional and anti-racist perspective to AI and other emerging technologies: