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Seminars and Workshops

Artificial Intelligence and Unfair Bias: Addressing Gendered and Racialised Inequalities in AI, Cambridge Festival for the University of Cambridge, Monday 29 March 2021

In March 2021, the UCCGS Post-doctoral Researchers, Eleanor Drage and Kerry Mackereth, will be running a workshop at the Cambridge Festival for the University of Cambridge, which replaces the Cambridge Festival of Ideas and the Cambridge Science Festival. The workshop will consist of a 20-minute presentation about unfair bias and AI, after which participants will be invited to contribute their ideas and feedback on bias in AI systems and the potential of AI to support equality initiatives. It will aim to break down some of the key ethical issues surrounding artificial intelligence, gender, race, and bias, and identify some of the conditions and practices that lead to the development of biased AI, such as the demographics of the AI workforce and the paucity of tangible measures used to address bias in AI production processes. It will show how biased AI results in real-world harms through the examples of facial recognition and search algorithms, and offer some steps forward for thinking about policies that the AI sector could implement to address bias in AI and work towards ethical, human-focused AI produced for social good. Finally, the workshop will consider whether artificial intelligence can help us address racist and sexist biases, make people more aware of these biases, and perhaps even complicate systems of race and gender.

AI, Gender and Intersectionality: State of the Field and Next Steps Forward (Closed workshop), Thursday 19 November 2020

This second of two closed workshops will present an overview of three core areas that benefit from an in-depth intersectional approach: data sets and the responsible collection and use of data; categorisations and classification in AI; and consumerism and commodification. The workshop will be attended by invited leading academics and industry professionals.

Multi-disciplinary Text Seminar on Gender and AI for the University of Cambridge Centre for Gender Studies, Wednesday 18 November 2020

This interactive workshop with MPhil and first-year PhD students at the Centre for Gender Studies, will discuss gender, race and AI and focus on how gender and race are envisioned and programmed into facial recognition technologies. It will also examine gendered and racialised representations of AI, drawing upon both Cave and Dihal's (2020) work and our own research on AI and narrativisation.

Leading Race Research Cluster on Bias in Algorithms, Interface, and Design, Thursday 12 November 2020

The Department of Sociology's Race Research Cluster, provided an overview of algorithmic bias and facilitated discussion on Cave and Dihal's (2020) 'The Whiteness of AI'.

AI, Gender and Intersectionality: State of the Field and Next Steps Forward (Closed workshop), Tuesday 10 November 2020

Our workshop on AI, Gender and Intersectionality was the first of a set of closed workshops and provided an overview of three core areas that benefit from an in-depth intersectional approach: data sets and the responsible collection and use of data; categorisations and classification in AI; and consumerism and commodification. The workshop was attended by invited leading academics and industry professionals, who joined for the discussion following our presentation. Their excellent contributions to the discussion will help direct our future research. 

Mitigating Unfair Bias in AI: State of the Field and Next Steps Forward, Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence Lunchtime Seminar Series, Wednesday 4 November 2020

A seminar for members of the Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence, which presented an overview of the scholarship on mitigating gendered and racialised bias in AI.