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UCCGS Gates Cambridge International Scholars-elect 2020

last modified May 11, 2020 04:17 PM

Seventy-seven of the most academically outstanding and socially committed postgraduates have been awarded a Gates Cambridge Scholarship to study at the University of Cambridge.

The 77 scholars who make up the Class of 2020 are citizens of 30 different countries and this year 17 higher education institutions have produced their first Gates Cambridge Scholar. Eighty per cent of scholars will pursue PhD's.

We are delighted to announce that Ms Amelia Amemate, PhD in Multi-disciplinary Gender Studies, has been awarded a Gates International Scholarship for 2020-21:

Ms Amelia Amemate


Confronting issues that affect women and girls has always been a major part of my development process. Growing up in a small coastal town in Ghana, West Africa, I noticed that girls and boys are treated unequally, and women and men are held to different expectations. So, I chose to focus on gender issues at each stage of my education. At the University of Ghana, where I earned my bachelor's degree, my interests centered on the low participation of women in Ghanaian politics. During my master's, I researched the issue of African women's hair-culture and politics. My work introduced a third stance to the hair debate by arguing that African women do not alter their hair because they want to be white or just as a matter of style. Rather, there are norms in African culture that privilege straight hair over coily hair. At the University of Cambridge Centre for Gender Studies, I will be looking at how Ewe and Akan cultural norms contribute to gender inequality and technology's impact on gender relations in Ghana. My goal is to produce research work that redefines gender relations, as well as strengthening gender-equality activism in Ghana and beyond. Joining the Gates Cambridge Scholars' community is a dream come true.

Previous education

Bowling Green State University 2020 American Culture Studies

University of Ghana 2014 Political Science


We will also welcome a second Gates International Scholar in 2020-21, Ms Emmah Wabuke, PhD in Multi-Disciplinary Gender Studies:

Ms Emmah Wabuke


My first interaction with theorising gender and violent extremism was prompted by a personal tragedy in 2015 when my cousin fell victim to an Al-Shabaab terrorist attack at Garissa University, Kenya. Two years later, during my post-graduate studies, I wrote two papers on the said theme, including, in my thesis, 'Female Militancy in Terrorist Groups and the African Union Response', where I analysed women's experiences as members of terrorist groups operating in Africa.
It is my goal to build a career around gender and violent extremism in Africa. The PhD in Multi-disciplinary Gender Studies programme, and specifically being part of the Gates Cambridge Community, will enable me to achieve this goal by equipping me with the substantive knowledge required to advance my teaching career on gender and armed conflict in Africa, and help me grow its currently limited profile in the continent. Secondly, this program will help me galvanise advocacy networks with the diverse calibre of candidates that it will no doubt attract. I would then be able to take this experience and apply it to whatever future capacity I will occupy, to advance the overall goal in creating a holistic approach to understanding gender and violent extremism, not only in Africa but also the globe over.

Previous education

Harvard University 2017 Law

University of Nairobi 2016 Law