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UCCGS Gates International Scholars-elect 2018

last modified Oct 11, 2018 05:04 PM

We are delighted to announce that Ms Mamasa Camara, PhD in Multi-disciplinary Gender Studies, has been awarded a Gates International Scholarship for 2018-19:

Ms Mamasa Camara

"As the trilingual daughter of a traditional West African healer, my identity embodies the complexity of diaspora, migration, and collective memory. My research interests are in African identity formation, the social, political, and historical processes which inform various African experiences across and through diaspora. Through a historical lens, I have investigated the practice of female circumcision and how to apply this analysis to aid contemporary efforts to address the practice. My past research explored British colonial narratives on female circumcision in Kenya and received the highest honour thesis award in the History Department at Spelman College. In 2012, I collaborated with the Vice President of the Gambia to organize the first national conference on women’s health to mutually create strategies to address women’s health disparities. I am committed to contributing to knowledge production that engages with communities and their material realities. At Cambridge I will continue to excavate how historical forces inform contemporary moments in African Studies, by examining how colonial legacies of women’s advocacy around female circumcision endure in the present. My research interrogates how global governance and women’s human rights discourses travel and translate across different systems of meaning and signification and the risks that are posed when international organizations designed to modify local practices fail to understand the complex worlds in which these practices are embedded. These questions inform a PhD in Multi-disciplinary Studies as well as an analysis of the global governance of women’s human rights discourses and interventionist practices in the Gambia."

We will also welcome a second Gates International Scholar in 2018-19, Ms Juliana Demartini Brito, PhD in Multi-disciplinary Gender Studies,

Ms Juliana Demartini Brito

"Born in Sorocaba, Brazil, I grew up understanding that there are a set of cultural barriers for LGBT individuals within the country. Because of that, in my undergraduate studies in Comparative Literary and Cultural Studies and Political Science at Franklin University Switzerland, topics of gender, sexuality and the nation in Latin America moved my academic enquiries. My MPhil programme in Multi-disciplinary Gender Studies at the University of Cambridge continued my interest for these questions, as my dissertation examined how representations of trans and queer aging women in Brazil interact with the country's nation-state paradigm through image, film and text. For my PhD dissertation, I hope to write a comparative analysis between Argentina and Brazil regarding their queer futurity discourse within LGBT assemblies. I aim at mapping the dialogical relations between queerness and liberal notions of progress and the future that took place while the countries moved toward democratic regimes in the 1980s. By doing so, I hope to explore how these notions have contributed to the configuration of the current LGBT assemblies discourse of queer futurity. With my research, I hope to strengthen the tie between theory and activism, as well as collaborate to new developments in the direction of LGBT movements from local to international levels by advancing the debate on the shapes the dialogue of queer futurity takes across cultures."

We congratulate both students on this great achievement.