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TWF Hong Kong Scholar

Professor Jacqueline Rose

From the Pill to the Pen

Lord Rees

Research Seminars Book Stack

Professor Jude Browne

Dr Lauren Wilcox


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Professor Sarah Ahmed (vp page)

Professor Akbar Ahmed (VP page)

Professor Nancy Fraser (vp page)

Professor Jacqueline Rose (vp page)

Professor Jack Halberstam (vp page)

Professor Marcia Inhorn (vp page)

Professor Cindi Katz (vp page)

Professor Catharine MacKinnon (vp page)

Professor John Dupre (vp page)

Professor Jack Halberstam

Professors Diane Middlebrook and Carl Djerassi (b+w)

Professors Diane Middlebrook and Carl Djerassi

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Professors Djerassi and Lord Rees

Professors Lord Rees and Djerassi discuss

Professor Paul Ginsborg

Family Politics Book Cover

Lord Martin Rees

Professor Carl Djerassi and Lord Martin Rees

Professors Djerassi, Rees and Mitchell

Professor J Rose

Ms Helen Mussell

Ms Lesley Dixon

Dr Lauren Wilcox

Professor Jack Halberstam

Sex Segregation and Inequality in the Modern Labour Market

The Future of Gender

Dialogue, Politics and Gender

Professor Jack Halberstam (colour)

Professor Carl Djerassi

Professor Carl Djerassi 2

Ms Monica Wirz

Ms M Hamade

Ms Charmaine Jelbert

Ms Halliki Voolma

Jessica and Peter Frankopan

The Philanthropist, No 1, 2012

Cambridge Alumni Magazine No 73

Ms Su-Mei Thompson

Ms Mandy Leung

Mr Jacky Tse

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Dr Andrew Counter

Professor Mignon Nixon

Joanna Bush

Liberian Women

Peace and Security


Out In Office: LGBT Legislators

Ms Tsz Lam Ngai

Professor John Forrester

Dr Jo Applin

Visiting Professorship Lecture: Mignon Nixon

The Djerassi Family: Visiting Professorship Lecture: Michaelmas 2015

The Djerassi Family 2: Visiting Professorship Lecture: Michaelmas 2015

Dr Jude Browne: VP Lecture: M2015

Juliet Mitchell and the Lateral Axis

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Miu Yin Wong

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King's College Crest

Professor Judith Butler 1

Professor Judith Butler 2

Mona Hamade

Charmaine Koskinen

Amanda Padoan

Sharmila Parmanand

Maimuna Mohamud

Lena Moore

Farhana Rahman

Hakan Sandal

Eddie Wei

Elizabeth Yarrow

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Anna Forringer-Beal

Ms Sigal Spigel

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Ms Kerry Mackereth

Professor Catharine A. Mackinnon

Professor Catharine A. Mackinnon