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University of Cambridge Centre for Gender Studies


Access our tool

Please follow the instructions on the project webpage. It may take a few minutes to load the model and display the scores the first time you access our tool. 

Introduction to personality AI

If you’re applying for a job today, you might be asked to be interviewed by an AI. There are now many AI companies that use AI to analyse videos of candidates before putting you through (or not) to the next round. These tools claim to assess a candidate’s personality to tell if you are the right fit for the job. They say that they can know your personality from looking at your face. The idea is that, like a lie-detector test, AI can see ‘through’ your face to the real you.

The real you, they say, can be given a Big 5 personality trait score for:

  • extroversion
  • agreeablenes
  • openness
  • conscientiousness
  • neuroticism

They claim that, by looking at specific regions of your face, AI can tell your Big 5. From there, they can give you a job or reject you.

Why we made our tool

But using our tool, you can see for yourself how your personality score changes when you alter the lighting, put on a pair of glasses or apply artificial filters to your image. You can see which parts of your face the AI thinks are most revealing of your personality. And you can decide for yourself if you think it works. All data is processed locally and deleted once you exit the tab.

Personality of the 'real you'

Some AI companies also claim that AI can take away or ignore your race and gender by just focusing on personality. But are race and gender just things that are layered on top of the 'real you'? We don’t think this is a meaningful way of addressing discrimination and underrepresentation in the hiring process.