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Academic Year 2019-20

12.30-13.30, Monday 17 February 2020:

Dr Tiffany Page, Lecturer in Sociology, University of Cambridge

Vulnerable Events and Unspectacular Time: The Temporal Conditions of Knowledge


12.30-13.30, Monday 10 February 2020:

Dr Holly Porter, Lecturer in Gender Studies, University of Cambridge Centre for Gender Studies

Sex and War: Beyond Rape


12.30-13.30, Monday 3 February 2020:

Dr Eftihia Mihelakis, Assistant Professor, Classical and Modern Languages, Brandon University, Canada

At the Edge of Control: The Textual Experiment of the Gendered Body in the 21st Century


12.30-13.30, Monday 27 January 2020:

J.D. Cooper, PhD Candidate, Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages and Linguistics, University of Cambridge

“Barren Karens and Crazy Cat Ladies”: (In)Voluntary Childlessness in the Contemporary


12.30-13.30, Monday 20 January 2020:

Dr Yasemin Giritli İnceoğlu, Professor Emerita of Media Studies, Galatasaray University, Turkey; Visiting Research Fellow, The Birbeck Institute for the Humanities

Media Coverage of LGBTI Individuals in Turkey


12.30-13.30, Monday 18 November 2019:

Mr Samuel Williams, PhD Candidate, Faculty of English, University of Cambridge

The Ethics and Politics of LGBT Representation in Young Adult Literature


12.30-13.30, Monday 4 November 2019:

Professor Xin He, Faculty of Law, The University of Hong Kong

Gendered Divorce Litigation in China

Academic Year 2018-19

12.30-13.30, Monday 11 March 2019:

Professor Margaretta Jolly, Professor of Cultural Studies, University of Sussex; Ms Zoe Strimpel, Research Fellow (Media and Film), University of Sussex

The Feminist Body Business: Purpose and Profit from ‘Spare Rib’ to The Body Shop


12.30-13.30, Monday 4 March 2019:

Ms Elizabeth Yarrow, PhD Student in Multidisciplinary Gender Studies, University of Cambridge Centre for Gender Studies

Gendered Bodies: Institutions, Sex Binarism, and the Experiences of Gender Diverse Youth in UK Schools and Health Services


12.30-13.30, Monday 25 February 2019:

Ms Lena Moore, PhD Student in Multidisciplinary Gender Studies, University of Cambridge Centre for Gender Studies

Securing the Frontier: the US Military’s Posthuman Project


12.30-13.30, Monday 18 February 2019:

Mr Eddie Wei, PhD Student in Multidisciplinary Gender Studies, University of Cambridge Centre for Gender Studies

Gendered Justice in China: Victim-Offender Mediation as the ‘Different Voice’ of Female Judges


12.30-13.30, Monday 11 February 2019:

Dr Mairéad McAuley, Lecturer in Classics, Department of Greek and Latin, University College London

Odi et Amo: Reading Roman Love Poetry in the Age of #MeToo


12.30-13.30, Monday 4 February 2019:

Dr Natasha Tanna, College Lecturer in Spanish, Christ’s College, University of Cambridge

‘Erotohistoriography’: Queer Encounters in Literary Archives


12.30-13.30, Monday 28 January 2019:

Dr Paolo Heywood, Department of Social Anthropology, University of Cambridge and Junior Research Fellow, Homerton College

Queer activism in Italy and strategic (anti-)essentialism


12.30-13.30, Monday 21 January 2019:

Dr Jemima Repo, Lecturer in the Politics of Gender, Newcastle University

Feminist Genealogy and Gender Ontology


12.30-13.30, Monday 19 November 2018:

Dr Julienne Obadia, Junior Research Fellow, King’s College, University of Cambridge

Possessive Individualism and Feminism: A Vexed Relationship


12.30-13.30, Monday 5 November 2018:

Dr Boyd Brogan, Centre for Future Health Early Career Fellow, University of York

Male Hysteria in Shakespeare’s England


12.30-13.30, Monday 22 October 2018:

Rivers Solomon, Author, Cambridge

From XY to Sci-fi: Imagining Alternative Gender Paradigms in Human Pasts and Futures


12.30-13.30, Monday 8 October 2018:

Dr Bogdan Popa, Lecturer in Gender Studies, Centre for Gender Studies, University of Cambridge

The Cold War and An Alternative History of the Term Gender

Academic Year 2017-18

12.30-13.30, Monday 5 March 2018:

Yvonne Salmon FRSA FRGS FRAI Cambridge, Affiliated Lecturer, University of Cambridge

Gender and Space


12.30-13.30, Monday 26 February 2018:

Dr Carmen M. Mangion, Lecturer in Modern History, Department of History, Classics and Archaeology, Birkbeck, University of London

“The Most Unliberated Women in the World?” Finding Feminism in British Catholic Convents in the Long 1960’s


12.30-13.30, Monday 19 February 2018

Dr Jill Armstrong Bye Fellow, Murray Edwards College, University of Cambridge

Higher Stakes: Generational differences in Mothers’ and Daughters’ feelings about combining motherhood with a career


12.30-13.30, Monday 12 February 2018:

Dr Lisa Baraitser, Reader in Psychosocial Studies, Department of Psychosocial Studies, Birkbeck, University of London

Enduring Time: Care, Gender and Temporality


12.30-13.30, Monday 5 February 2018:

Lorraine Koonce, Solicitor (UK), Lawyer (US), Gender and Human Rights Advocate and Kameel Ahmady Independent Researcher

FGM: Cruelty in the Name of Tradition


12.30-13.30, Monday 29 January 2018:

Professor Clare Pettitt, Professor of Victorian Literature and Culture, Department of English, King’s College, London

Distant Contemporaries: Women Reporting the 1848 Revolutions


12.30-13.30, Monday 27 November 2017:

Dr Caroline Rusterholz, Associate Research Fellow, Birkbeck University, SNSF Postdoc Fellow

English Women Doctors, Birth Control and Family Planning (1920-1970)


12.30-13.30, Monday 13 November 2017

Dr Shailaja Fennel, Centre of Development Studies, University of Cambridge

Tackling Domestic Violence through a National Lens: A Comparative Perspective on Asia


12.30-13.30, Monday 30 October 2017:

Ms Sarah Lightman, Artist, Curator and Author, Department of Text/Image Studies, University of Glasgow

“The Star Sapphire” by Sharon Rudahl Comics: Fine Art and Feminist Theology


12.30-13.30, Monday 16 October 2017:

Dr Stefanie Fishel, Assistant Professor, Department of Gender and Race Studies, University of Alabama

Hybrid Subjectivities: Pluralising the Body Politic

Academic Year 2016-17

12.30-13.30, Monday 13 March 2017:

Dr Anjali Bhardwaj-Datta, Isaac Newton Trust, Leverhulme Early Career Fellow, Centre of South Asian Studies, Department of Politics and International Studies, University of Cambridge

Gendering Urban Space: State, Household, and the Market in Post-Colonial Delhi


12.30-13.30, Monday 6 March 2017:

Dr Robbie Duschinsky, Department of Public Health and Primary Care, University of Cambridge

Pulling the World in and Pushing it Away: Thinking, Food and Sex as Coping Strategies in Lauren Berlant and Mary Gaitskill


12.30-13.30, Monday 27 February 2017:

Dr Sara De Benedictis, Independent Researcher, School of Health Sciences, University of Nottingham

“It’s the NHS we work in so...”: The Austerity Politics of Televisual Representations of Childbirth and Midwifery


12.30-13.30, Monday 20 February 2017:

Dr Ian Horton, London College of Communication, University of the Arts London

Deconstructing Daisy: Gender and National Identity in Donald Duck Weekblad


12.30-13.30, Monday 13 February 2017:

Dr Sneha Krishnan, Junior Research Fellow, St John’s College, University of Oxford

What does a Good Girl Look Like? Moral Minds and Model Bodies in Chennai


12.30-13.30, Monday 6 February 2017:

Dr Ian Cooper, Department of Politics and International Studies, University of Cambridge

Political Party Quotas as a Facilitator of Gendered Parliamentary Representation: Evidence from Namibia


12.30-13.30, Monday 30 January 2017:

Anne-Kathrin Weber, Research Group for Gender Studies, University of Giessen, Germany

Compassion, Pity and Empathy as Political Emotions - Potentials for Justice or Elements of Destruction? A Systematic Comparison of the Political Theories of Hannah Arendt and Martha Nussbaum


12.30-13.30, Monday 23 January 2017:
Professor Sanjeev Goyal, Faculty of Economics, University of Cambridge

Gender and Social Networks


12.30-13.30, Monday 21 November 2016:

Dr Mwenza Blell, Department of Sociology, University of Cambridge

“We’re Pakistanis, we don’t do that”: Menopause, Reproduction and Meaning among British Pakistanis in Bradford and Leeds


12.30-13.30, Monday 7 November 2016:

Dr Ina Linge, Modern Humanities Research Association Scholar, University of Cambridge
“Different from the Others”: Narrating Queer Livability in German Sexological and Psychoanalytic Life Writings (c.1900-1930)


12.30-13.30, Monday 24 October 2016:

Dr Marco Wan, Associate Professor of Law and Honorary Associate Professor of English, University of Hong Kong

Masculinity, Fiction and Law in Nineteenth Century France: The Case of Paul Bonnetain’s Charlot s’amuse


12.30-13.30, Monday 10 October 2016:

Dr Lucy Delap, Faculty of History, University of Cambridge

Feminist History, Space and the Marketplace

Academic Year 2015-16

12.30-13.30, Monday 7 March 2016:

Professor Ruth Vanita, Visiting Fellow, Cambridge Liberal Studies, University of Montana

The cinematic courtesan and the modern Indian erotic imagination


12.30-13.30, Monday 29 February 2016:

Bernadette Wren, Trust-wide Head of Psychology, Gender Identity Development Service, The Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust

Gender Non-Conforming children: Treatment dilemmas in puberty suppression


12.30-13.30, Monday 22 February 2016:

Dr Alice Evans, Department of Geography, University of Cambridge

Urban change and rural continuity in gender ideologies and practices


12.30-13.30, Monday 15 February 2016:

Dr Peace Medie, Research Fellow, Legon Center for International Affairs and Diplomacy, University of Ghana; Oxford-Princeton Global Leaders Fellow

Local Resistance to an International Norm: A study of how social pressures affect the decision to report rape in Cote d’Ivorie


12.30-13.30, Monday 8 February 2016:

Zoe Strimpel, Asa Briggs PhD Scholar, Department of History, University of Sussex; Alumnus UCCGS

Dating before the Digital: Mediated matchmaking and singles culture in Britain, 1970-2000


12.30-13.30, Monday 1 February 2016:

Professor David Spiegelhalter, Winton Professor for the Public Understanding of Risk, Centre for Mathematical Sciences, University of Cambridge

Sex by numbers: Can we believe statistics of sexual behaviour?


12.30-13.30, Monday 25 January 2016:

Connie Flude, Junior Researcher, ESRO, London; Alumnus, UCCGS

Contesting Rape Narratives: Medicalisation and the trauma model of victimhood


12.30-13.30, Monday 18 January 2016:

Professor Ulinka Rublack, Faculty of History, University of Cambridge

The Astronomer and the Witch: Creating an opera


12.30-13.30, Monday 23 November 2015:

Dr Mónica Moreno Figueroa, Department of Sociology, University of Cambridge

Decentering Beauty in Latin America


12.30-13.30, Monday 9 November 2015:

Jessica Lack, Independent Art Critic, Cambridge

A Woman’s Place: the story of Feminism and Art


12.30-13.30, Monday 26 October 2015:

Clare Walker-Gore, Faculty of English, University of Cambridge

‘Excluded from a Woman’s Natural Destiny’: Disability and Gender Trouble in the Nineteenth-Century Novel


12.30-13.30, Monday 12 October 2015:

Dr Sarah Pearsall, Faculty of History, University of Cambridge

Polygamy and Enlightenment

Academic Year 2014-15

12.30-13.30, Monday 9 March 2015:

Ms Beatrice Balfour, Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge 

Feminist Tales of the Italian Resistance


12.30-13.30, Monday 2 March 2015:

Ms Helen Mussell, University of Cambridge Centre for Gender Studies

Listening to Different Voices: reconceptualizing corporate social responsibility using feminist standpoint theory


12.30-13.30, Monday 23 February 2015:

Dr Abigail Brundin, Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages, University of Cambridge

Marketing the Women Writer in Sixteenth-Century Italy


12.30-13.30, Monday 16 February 2015:

Dr Godela Weiss-Sussex, Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages, University of Cambridge

Feminism, Motherhood and Eugenics in pre-WWI Berlin; or: How to promote reform through literary writing?


12.30-13.30, Monday 9 February 2015:

Dr Tracey Jensen, School of Law and Social Sciences, University of East London

Penny-Pinching Pedagogy: desperately seeking the ‘authentic thrifter’


12.30-13.30, Monday 2 February 2015:

Ms Alasia Nuti, Department of Politics and International Studies, University of Cambridge

Sharing Responsibility for Prevention  of Intimate Partner Violence


1230-1330, Monday 26 January 2015:

Dr Lauren Kassell, Department of History and Philosophy of Science, University of Cambridge

Sex, Gender and Generation in Early Modern Medical Records


12.30-13.30, Monday 19 January 2015:

Professor Andrew Webber, Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages, University of Cambridge

Rites of Passage: sexual knowledge in Cate Shortland’s “Lore”, 2012


12.30-13.30, Monday 24 November 2014:

Ms Fran Bigman, Faculty of English, University of Cambridge

A Bit of Himself: British Male-authored Abortion Narratives from Waste to Alfie


12.30-13.30, Monday 10 November 2014:

Professor Terrell Carver, School of Sociology, Politics and International Studies, University of Bristol

Men and Masculinities in International Relations research


12.30-13.30, Monday 27 October 2014:

Dr Robert Balfour, Visiting Fellow, Institute of Education, London

The (in)visible gay in academic leadership: implications for re-imagining inclusion and transformation in South Africa  


12.30-13.30, Monday 13 October 2014:

Dr Janelle Lamoreaux, Department of Sociology, University of Cambridge

Swimming in a Sea of Oestrogens": The Production and Reproduction of Sex/Gender in Chinese Toxicology

Academic Year 2013-14

12.30-13.30, Monday 3 March 2014:

Ms Halliki Voolma, University of Cambridge Centre for Gender Studies

The Private is International: Intimate Partner Violence Against Immigrant Women in the UK and Sweden


12.30-13.30, Monday 24 February 2014:

Dr Christina Benninghaus, Department of History and Philosophy of Science, University of Cambridge

Cultures of Childlessness: current debates and past experiences, Germany 1900-2010


12.30-13.30, Monday 17 February 2014:

Dr Victoria Browne, Department of Social Sciences, Oxford Brookes University

Mapping the Post-Oedipal Landscape in Feminist and Gender Studies


12.30-13.30, Monday 10 February 2014:

Angela Martinez Dy, Nottingham University Business School

Advancing Intersectionality Theory Through Realist Ontology


12.30-13.30, Monday 3 February 2014:

Professor Emma Wilson, Faculty of Modern & Medieval Languages, University of Cambridge

Lilacs Out of the Dead Land: Alina Marazzi's home movies


13.00-13.30, Monday 27 January 2014:

Professor Rae Langton, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Cambridge


Good and Evil in Sexual Objectification: putting Kant to feminist work


12.30-13.30, Monday 25 November 2013:

Professor Henriette Dahan Kalev, Gender Studies, Ben Gurion University, Israel and Senior Academic Visitor, St Antony's College, University of Oxford


Feminism in Israel: Spotlight on the Israeli multicultural rifts


12.30-13.30, Monday 18 November 2013:

Dr Amaleena Damlé, Department of French, University of Cambridge


Beyond Romance: Love, knowledge and fragility in contemporary french women's writing



12.30-13.30, Monday 28 October 2013:


Dr Shane McCorristine, Department of Geography, University of Cambridge


The 'ethereal female' motif in Arctic fiction of the 19th Century


12.30-13.30, Monday 14 October 2013:

Professor Peter Mandler, Faculty of History, University of Cambridge

Margaret Mead as a mid-20th century public intellectual

Academic Year 2012-13

12.30-13.30, Monday 11 March 2013:

Dr Tam Sanger, Independent Researcher

Negotiations of Gender, Sexuality and Intimacy in Trans People's Partnerships 


12.30-13.30, Monday 4 March 2013:

Ms Charlotte Wu, Alumnus, University of Cambridge Centre for Gender Studies

Disappear here: Anorexia and Bulimia Nervosa as a Web-Situated Subculture


12.30-13.30, Monday 25 February 2013:

Dr Andreea Weisl-Shaw, Department of Spanish and Portuguese, University of Cambridge

Weak But Clever: The (Not So) Hidden Strengths of Women in Medieval French and Spanish Comico-Didactic Tales


12.30-13.30, Monday 18 February 2013:

Dr Liesl King, Department of English Literature, Faculty of Arts, York St John University

Writing in the Mother Tongue: the yin-centred feminism of Ursula Le Guin's 'The Left Hand of Darkness'


12.30-13.30, Monday 11 February 2013:

Monica Wirz, University of Cambridge Centre for Gender Studies

The Practices of Executive Selection: A Gender Analysis


12.30-13.30, Monday 4 February 2013:

Dr Barbara Havelková, Faculty of Law, University of Cambridge

Gender Equality Law and Policy for 15 or for 27? Lessons from the Post-Communist Czech Republic


12.30-13.30, Monday 28 January 2013:

Dr Yaron Peleg, Faculty of Asian & Middle Eastern Studies, University of Cambridge

From Old Jew to New Jew and Back Again: The Metamorphosis of Israeli Masculinity in the Twentieth Century


12.30-13.30, Monday 21 January 2013:

Dr Ulinka Rublack and Laura Kounine, Faculty of History, University of Cambridge

Gendering the Early Modern Witch-Craze


12.30-13.30, Monday 19 November 2012:

Dr Ben Griffin, Faculty of History, University of Cambridge

Fidgets, Scoundrels and Mummy's Boys: performing masculinity in the Victorian House of Commons


12.30-13.30, Monday 22 October 2012:

Ms Mona Hamade, University of Cambridge Centre for Gender Studies

Emiratisation: bringing youth into the workforce of the United Arab Emirates


12.30-13.30, Monday 8 October 2012:

Dr Andrew Tucker, University of Cambridge Centre for Gender Studies

Engaging Township Men who have Sex with Men (MSM) in HIV Prevention Programmes

Academic Year 2011-12

12.30-13.30, Monday 12 March 2012:

Dr Sarah Rutherford, Diversity Consultant, London

Women's Work, Men's Cultures: overcoming resistance and changing organisational cultures


13.15-14.15, Monday 5 March 2012:

Dr Sophia Connell, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Cambridge

The Female as a Defective Male in Aristotle's Biology


12.30-13.30, Monday 27 February 2012:

Ms Alison Pollet, Author

Considering Feminism when Writing Fiction for Young Girls


 12.30-13.30, Monday 20 February 2012:

Dr Joanne Wright, Political Science, University of New Brunswick, Canada; Visiting Fellow, Clare Hall, Cambridge

Choice Feminism, Breast Implants and Ideas of Consent in North American Feminist Theory


12.30-13.30, Monday 13 February 2012:

Professor Sarah Franklin, Department of Sociology, University of Cambridge

Feminist Debates Over NRTs Revisited: or whatever happened to FINRRAGE?


12.30-13.30, Monday 6 February 2012:

Dr Philippa Hardman, Darwin Correspondence Project, University of Cambridge

Darwin and Gender


12.30-13.30, Monday 30 January 2012:

Dr Ruba Salih, Centre for Gender Studies, SOAS, London

Palestinian Refugees: gendered and intergenerational narratives of displacement and return


12.30-13.30, 23 January 2012:

Dr Lucy Delap, Faculty of History, University of Cambridge

Knowing their Place: domestic service in twentieth-century Britain


12.30-13.30, 21 November 2011:

Dr Lisa Baraitser, Department of Psychosocial Studies, Birkbeck College, University of London

Collecting Time: on reading Luisa Passerini's 'Autobiography of a Generation'


1230-1330, 7 November 2011:

Professor Simon Szreter, Faculty of History, Cambridge

Sex Before the Sexual Revolution in England 1918-1963


1230-1330, 24 October 2011:

Dr Anita Holdcroft, Faculty of Medicine, Imperial College London

Gender in Medicine: is there benefit or harm in sexless healthcare?


12.30-13.30, 10 October 2011:

Professor Heather Joshi, Centre for Longitudinal Studies, Institute of Education, University of London

Conflict and Compatibility of Reproductive and Productive Roles: evidence from British longitudinal data

Academic Year 2010-11

12.30-13.30, 14 March 2011:

Ms Sarah Demott, Mainzer Visiting Fellow, New York University

Mediterranean Crossings: Gender, Migration, and National Identity in Southern Italy


12.30-13.30, 7 March 2011:

Ms Mellie Torres, Mainzer Visiting Fellow, New York University

Perceptions of Masculinity, Racial, Ethnic and Academic Identity Among Latino Male Students


12.30-13.30, 28 February 2011:

Dr Gail Lewis, Department of Sociology, Lancaster University

Birthing Racial Difference: conversations with my mother and others


12.30-13.30, 21 February 2011:

Dr Lena Simic, Performance artist, Liverpool Hope University

Pushing the Domestic to the Extreme with The Institute for the Art and Practice of Dissent at Home


12.30-13.30, 14 February 2011:

Professor Carol Sanger, Barbara Aronstein Black Professor of Law, Columbia Law School

Abortion and the Visual Construction of Loss


12.30-13.30, 7 February 2011:

Dr Lori Allen, Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, University of Cambridge

The Gender of Disenchantment: Palestinians under Occupation


12.30-13.30, 31 January 2011:

Dr Mirca Madianou, Department of Sociology, University of Cambridge

Technologies of Motherhood: Migration, new media and maternal ambivalence


12.30-13.30, 24 January 2011:

Dr Victoria Harris, Faculty of History, University of Cambridge

Uppers for boys and downers for girls? Gender, Taboos and Trends in German Rituals of Intoxication, 1871-1990


12.30-13.30, 22 November 2010:

Professor Haim Bresheeth, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of East London

Two Theses on the Afghan Woman: Samira and Hana Makhmalbaf Filming Agheleh Farahmand


12.30-13.30, 8 November 2010:

David Lehmann, Department of Sociology, University of Cambridge

Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Marriage: a study in modern kinship


12.30-13.30, 25 October 2010:

Professor Diane Reay, Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge

Classed and Gendered: White Middle class boys and girls fitting into the Urban Comprehensive


12.30-13.30, 11 October 2010:

Professor Simon Goldhill, Faculty of Classics, University of Cambridge

Where's Foucault Now?

Academic Year 2009-10

12.30-13.30, 8 March 2010:

 Ms Andrea Cooper, Mainzer Visiting Fellow, New York University

'More than Love': Levinas and Rosenzweig from Eros to Ethics


12.30-13.30, 1 March 2010:

Dr Vanessa Heggie, Department of History and Philosophy of Science, University of Cambridge

Sex, gender and fair play - policing the Athletic Body in international sport


12.30-13.30, 22 February 2010:

Professor Mary Evans, School of Social Policy, Sociology and Social Research, University of Kent and Visiting Professor at the LSE

Gendered Detection: Crime Fiction and Modern Narrative


12.30-13.30, 15 February 2010:

Professor Gillian Rose, Department of Geography, Open University

Family snaps: doing family, home and mothering with photographs


12.30-13.30, 8 February 2010:

Ms Joanne Limburg, Writer and Royal Literary Fund Fellow, Magdalene College

The Poetry of Early Motherhood


12.30-13.30, 1 February 2010:

Professor Rachel Thomson, School of Health and Social Welfare, Open University

Acting up and acting out: encountering children in a longitudinal study of mothering


12.30-13.30, 25 January 2010:

Ms Irenee Daly, Centre for Family Research, University of Cambridge

Tick Tock, Can You Control Your Biological Clock? Women's awareness of age related fertility decline


12.30-13.30, 18 January 2010:

Professor Juliet Mitchell, Emeritus Professor of Psychoanalysis and Gender Studies, University of Cambridge

Psychoanalysis: Some thoughts on gender and 'the sibling trauma'


12.30-13.30, 23 November 2009:

Professor Dr M Petrovic-Steger, Faculty of Archaeology and Anthropology, University of Cambridge

Peeling Off the Skin, Peeling Off the Past: the Politics of Aesthetic and Practices of Health in Serbia


12.30-13.30, 9 November 2009:

Professor Julie McLeod, Melbourne Graduate School of Education, The University of Melbourne

Researching Social Change: Methodology, History and Memory


12.30-13.30, 26 October 2009:

Dr Bob Blackburn, Emeritus Reader in Sociology, University of Cambridge

Gender Segregation in Employment: International Patterns of Inequality and Difference


12.30-13.30, 12 October 2009:

Professor Göran Therborn, Chair of Sociology, University of Cambridge

Sex-gender-family Relations: the Twentieth Century Experience

Academic Year 2008-09

13.00-14.00, 12 March 2009:

Mr Carlos Santos, Department of Applied Psychology, Visiting Student, New York University

The development of early adolescent boy's gender stereotypic attitudes and beliefs in relationships: implications for well-being


13.00-14.00, 5 March 2009:

Ms Wazhmah Osman, Media, Culture, and Communication, Visiting Student, New York University

Thinking Outside the Box: Television and Gender in the Afghan Culture Wars


13.00-14.00, 26 February 2009:

Dr Mary Laven, Faculty of History, University of Cambridge

Jesuits and Eunuchs: Re-encountering Gender in late Ming China


13.00-14.00, 19 February 2009:

Professor John Forrester, Department of History and Philosophy of Science, University of Cambridge

Gender, Feminism and Psychoanalysis


13.00-14.00, 12 February 2009:

Professor Judith Lieu, Faculty of Divinity, University of Cambridge

Death and the Maiden? Women in early Christian Martyrdom Accounts


13.00-14.00, 5 February 2009:

Dr Mairead Mcauley, Department of Classics, University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban, SA

Reproducing Rome: Motherhood in Senecan drama (Medea and Phaedra)


13.00-14.00, 22 January 2009:

Dr Jens Scherpe, Faculty of Law, University of Cambridge

Changing One's Legal Gender


13.00-14.00, 15 January 2009:

Professor Jackie Scott, Department of Sociology, University of Cambridge

Feminism Counts: Quantitative Methods and Gender Inequalities


13.00-14.00, 27 November 2008:

Dr Brigitte Steger, Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, University of Cambridge

Thighs wide open, hair loose – Gender specific attitudes towards napping in Japanese public transport


13.00-14.00, 20 November 2008:

Dr Alison Stone, Department of Philosophy Lancaster University

Mother-Daughter relations in Chodorow and Irigaray


13.00-14.00, 13 November 2008:

Dr Tina Miller, Department of International Relations, Politics and Sociology, Oxford Brookes University

Practising gender: men's experiences of transition to first-time fatherhood

Academic Year 2007-08

13.00-14.00, 28 February 2008:

Ms Tes Slominski, Department of Music, New York University, Visiting Student at Gender Studies

Public House and Private Home: Women, Cultural Policy, and Changing Practices in Irish Traditional Music


13.00-14.00, 21 February 2008:

Ms Sarah Thomas, Department of Spanish and Portugese, New York University, Visiting Student at Gender Studies

Out of Control: Implications of Hysteria and Mysticism in Leopoldo Alas's 'La Regenta' (1885)


13.00-14.00, 14 February 2008:

Professor Emma Wilson, Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages, Cambridge

Maternity and missing children: Kieslowski's Decalogue 8


13.00-14.00, 7 February 2008:

Dr Jo-Anne Dillabough, Faculty of Education, Cambridge

Temporality in Feminist Methodology: A Case for 'Time' as Ethical Reflexivity: Studying representations of economically disadvantaged women in modern urban Canada


13.00-14.00, 31 January 2008:

Professor Melissa Hines, Department of Psychology, Cambridge

Androgen and Gender Development


13.00-14.00, 24 January 2008:

Dr Vinca Bigo Department of Land Economy, Cambridge

The Care Paradox


13.00-14.00, 17 January 2008:

Dr Clare Chambers, Faculty of Philosophy, Cambridge

Should Feminists Oppose Marriage?


13.00-14.00, 22 November 2007:

Dr Zeynep Gurtin, Centre for Family Research, Cambridge

Gendered experiences of fertility treatment and stigma, in Turkey and the UK


13.00-14.00, 8 November 2007:

Dr Charlotte Faircloth, Social Anthropology, Cambridge

Natural breastfeeding? Feminism, agency and rhetoric


13.00-14.00, 25 October 2007:

Dr Steve Joy, Modern and Medieval Languages, Cambridge

Oedipal Tableaux: The Spectacle of Gender Trouble in Thomas Mann's Baschan and I and Joseph and His Brothers


13.00-14.00, 18 October 2007:

Dr Martina Rieker, Director of the Institute for Gender and Women's Studies, American University of Cairo

The politics of the future

Academic Year 2006-07

13.00-14.00, 15 March 2007:

Ms Magali Armillas-Tiseyra, NYU Visiting student to Gender Studies

On gender and travel: The movement of female bodies in 19th century travel narratives


13.00-14.00, 1 March 2007:

Ms Ashley Mears, NYU Visiting student to Gender Studies

The field of fashion modeling: The gendered world inverted


13.00-14.00, 22 February 2007:

Ms Beth Kramer, NYU Visiting student to Gender Studies

Negotiating power: Domestic and professional authority in Victorian feminism


13.00-14.00, 15 February 2007:

Dr Sarah Tait, Institute of Criminology, Cambridge

Gender and prison officer work


13.00-14.00, 8 February 2007:

Dr Humeira Iqtidar, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Cambridge

Women in Islamist parties: Harbingers of change?


13.00-14.00, 1 February 2007:

Dr Francesca Moore, Department of Geography, Cambridge

Motherhood in industrial Lancashire


13.00-14.00, 25 January 2007:

Dr Laura McMahon, Department of French, MML, Cambridge

Gender performance and touch in the work of the film director Claire Denis


13.00-14.00, 18 January 2007:

Professor Susan Golombok, Centre for Family Research, Cambridge

Lesbian mother families: historical and contemporary perspectives


13.00-14.00, 23 November 2006:

Dr David Palfrey, History, Cambridge

Green ties and family connections: Gender in Noel Annan's 'intellectual aristocracy'


13.00-14.00, 9 November 2006:

Dr Andy Tucker, Geography, Cambridge

Male homosexual identities, gender and the appropriation of space


13.00-14.00, 26 October 2006:

Tom Nutt, Cambridge Group for the History and Population of Social Structure, Cambridge

Unmarried mothers and the expectations of paternal responsibility in early-nineteenth century England


13.00-14.00, 12 October 2006:

Dr Susan Walker, SPS, Cambridge

Do we need to consider the effect of gendered body images upon contraceptive choice?