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University of Cambridge Centre for Gender Studies


Ms Sigal SpigelMs Sigal Spigel

Sigal Spigel is the Coordinator and Chair of the Multi-disciplinary Gender Research Seminar series.

Sigal works as a psychologist and psychotherapist and her research is on motherhood, feminism and psychoanalysis.

Sigal was a founding member of the University of Cambridge Centre for Gender Studies and a member of the original Working Party, serving as a Deputy Director. Subsequently she has been an active member of the Centre's Academic Advisory Committee. Sigal has been responsible for a wide range of activities and events over the years including Symposia, the May Lectures and the Gender Film Series in conjuction with the Cambridge Arts Picturehouse. 

Sigal is also the co-founder of MaMSIE (Mapping Maternal Subjectivities, Identities and Ethics), an interdisciplinary international research network that brings together maternal research across the disciplines, as well as the co-editor of a peer-reviewed e-journal, Studies in the Maternal. For more information...

Sigal can be contacted about the Multi-disciplinary Gender Research Seminars at: