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University of Cambridge Centre for Gender Studies



You may suggest a possible supervisor for your research proposal and provide a name in the relevant section of the application form. The Centre will consider potential supervisors when reviewing PhD applications. If you have already contacted a supervisor who has indicated their support, please mention this in your application, but it is not necessary. Since this is a multi-disciplinary programme, you should not restrict your search to this department. Please see here for more information.

The University's Postgraduate Admissions website has all the information you require to make a formal application for the PhD in Multi-disciplinary Gender Studies.

In summary, you will need to provide for your application:

  • a completed Applicant Portal application.
  • 2 academic references.
  • 1 personal reference (only if you are applying for the GATES Cambridge Scholarship).
  • academic transcripts
  • a writing sample of 3,000-10,000 words which should be a piece of assessed work completed for an earlier academic programme
  • evidence of your competence in English (only in the case where English is not your native language).
  • Please include a statement (approximately 3,000 words) of your research proposal, including aims and methods, sources and the location of the proposed research. You should explain why the topic is important and innovative and what existing literature it contributes to. We expect applicants to demonstrate previous engagement with gender studies topics. Include with your statement a listing of specific resource needs for your research (such as travel budget, fieldwork etc.) and an outline of any experience (including employment and non-academic experience) relevant to your application.

Admissions deadlines

Applications for the academic year 2025-26 will open on Tuesday 3 September 2024. The application deadline date is Tuesday 3 December 2024.

Please note that many Funding deadlines are earlier than the course application deadlines.