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University of Cambridge Centre for Gender Studies


Academic Year 2023-24

12.30pm, Monday 11 March 2024: 

Dr François·e Charmaille, Research Fellow, Gonville & Caius College, University of Cambridge

Gender as a Grammatical Metaphor


12.30pm, Monday 4 March 2024:

Professor Caroline Bressey, Professor of Historical Geography, Department of Geography, University College London

Lion Queens: Performing with Animals in the Victorian Circus


12.30pm, Monday 26 February 2024: 

Professor Helen McCarthy, Professor of Modern and Contemporary British History, University of Cambridge & St John’s College

Gendering Retirement: a Historical Perspective


12.30pm, Monday 19 February 2024: 

Namrata Narula, PhD Candidate, University of Cambridge Centre for Gender Studies

Gender Non-Realism: Rereading Judith Butler's Performativity In Dialogue With Śaṅkara's Advaita


12.30pm, Monday 12 February 2024: 

Professor Sherilyn MacGregor, Department of Politics, University of Manchester

‘Destroy the Patriarchy Not the Planet’: Ecofeminism and the Climate Emerge


12.30pm, Monday 5 February 2024: 

Dr Xine Yao, Associate Professor in American Literature to 1900 and co-director of the queer studies network qUCL, University College London

Stone Butch Blues and Pillow Princesses: On Queer Hardness, Softness, and Crip of Colour Critique


12.30pm, Monday 29 January 2024: 

Dr Lucia Kula, Lecturer in Law and Gender, School of Law, SOAS University of London

Abandoning the Idealised White Subject of Legal Feminism


12.30pm, Monday 22 January 2024:

Dr Ali Meghji, Associate Professor in Social Inequalities, Department of Sociology, University of Cambridge

From Public Sociology to Sociological Publics


12:30-13:30, Monday 6 November 2023:

Dr Marcin Smietana, Reproductive Sociology Research Group, University of Cambridge and Queen Mary University of London

Queer Calculations: Spreadsheet Fertility and Racial Matching in British Gay Men's Reproductive Projects


12:30-13:30, Monday 23 October 2023:

Dr Julia A. Empey, SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellow, Faculty of English, University of Cambridge

Feminist Posthumanism in Contemporary Science Fiction Film and Media: From Annihilation to High Life and Beyond


12:30-13:30, Monday 9 October 2023:

Dr Geoffrey Maguire, Gonville & Caius College; Centre of Latin American Studies, University of Cambridge

Un/Natural: Marine Sexualities and the Queer Ecological

Academic Year 2022-23

12:30-13:30, Monday 13 March 2023:

Dr Lorna Dillon, Murray Edwards College & Centre of Latin American Studies, University of Cambridge

Embroidering Resistance: 'Arpilleras' and the Transversality of Feminist Activism in Latin America 


12:40-13:40, Monday 6 March 2023:

Professor Sohela Nazneen, Institute of Development Studies

Voters, Brokers, Claim-makers, Protestors:  Unpacking Women’s Political Agency in Fragile Polities


12:30-13:30, Monday 20 February 2023:

Dr Anna A. Berman, University of Cambridge 

The Nineteenth-Century Family Novel in Russia and England: A Gendered View


12:30-13:30, Monday 13 February 2023:

Reetika Subramanian, PhD Candidate in Multi-disciplinary Gender Studies, UCCGS

Brides of Drought: from girl, to wife and worker           


12:30-13:30, Monday 6 February 2023:

Dr Rachel O'Connell, University of Sussex

"To smoke until he could see through time": History, affect, and trans genres in Imogen Binnie's 'Nevada'


12:30-13:30, Monday 30 January 2023:

Dr Jamie Hagen, Queen's University Belfast

Queer and Feminist Collaborations in Peacebuilding


12:30-13:30, Monday 14 November 2022:

Dr Suzanne Persard, Assistant Professor, Department of Women's and Gender Studies, University of South Florida

The Radical Limits of Decolonising Feminism


12:30-13:30, Monday 31 October 2022:

Dr Caroline Rusterholz, Wellcome Trust Research Fellow, Faculty of History, University of Cambridge

Women, sex and family planning in Britain (1920s-1980s)


12:30-13:30, Monday 17 October 2022:

Jade Bentil, Black Feminist Historian

Love in a Future Tense: Beauty, Glamour and the Sexual Politics of Black Life in 20th Century Britain

Academic Year 2021-22

12:30-13:30, Monday 16 May 2022:

Juliana Demartini-Brito, PhD Candidate in Multi-disciplinary Gender Studies, UCCGS

Devouring "Queer": Oswald de Andrade's "Manifesto Antropófago" and Queer Studies in Contemporary Brazil


12:30-13:30, Monday 9 May 2022:

Jenny Moran, PhD Candidate in Multi-disciplinary Gender Studies, UCCGS

Loveability - A Critical Theory


12.30-13.30, Monday 7 March 2022:

Dr Yasmin Gunaratnam, Professor in Social Justice, King's College London

Another way of telling: feminism and the politics of presentation


12.30-13.30, Monday 7 February 2022:

Dr Robert Pralat, Leverhulme Early Career Fellow, Department of Sociology, University of Cambridge

Coming out as wanting (or not wanting) to have children: Sexual identities and reproductive orientations


12.30-13.30, Monday 31 January 2022:

Dr Jacob Breslow, Assistant Professor of Gender and Sexuality, Department of Gender Studies, London School of Economics

‘Sex is Real,’ and other Gender Critical Non Sequiturs: A TERF Grammar Book


12.30-13.30, Monday 24 January 2022:

Linda Connolly, Professor of Sociology and Director, Maynooth University Social Sciences Institute, Maynooth University; Visiting fellow, University of Cambridge Centre for Gender Studies

Understanding Violence Against Women in the Irish Revolution – a global perspective


13.00-14.00, Mon, 29 November 2021:

Dr Julieta Chaparro Buitrago, Reproductive Sociology Research Group (ReproSoc), University of Cambridge

Toward a Decolonial Reproductive Justice and the Cases of Forced Sterilization in Peru


13.00-14.00, Monday 15 November 2021:

Professor Lucy Delap, Faculty of History, University of Cambridge

Feminism, Race and ‘Third World Women’ in Late Twentieth Century Britain


14:00-15:00, Monday 1 November 2021:

Professor Jules Gill-Peterson, Associate Professor, Department of History, Johns Hopkins University and General Co-Editor, Transgender Studies Quarterly

Being Street: On the Evidence of Trans Feminine Experience


13.00-14.00, Mon, 18 October 2021:

Lola Olufemi, Black Feminist Writer, Author of ‘Feminism, Interrupted: Disrupting Power’

In Search of an Imaginative Method

Academic Year 2020-21

12.30-13.30, Monday 8 March 2021:

Dr Victoria Browne, Senior Lecturer in Politics, School of Social Sciences, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Oxford Brookes University

Pregnancy without Birth


12:30-13:30, Monday 1 March 2021:

Jules Allen, PhD in Multi-disciplinary Gender Studies, University of Cambridge Centre for Gender Studies

Gender, Performativity and Fathers’ Use of Parental Leave


12.30-13.30, Monday 22 February 2021:

Gisela Carrasco-Miró, Visiting Professor, Gender Studies Department, Central European University, Vienna, Austria

Decolonizing Feminist Economics


14.30-15.30, Monday 15 February 2021:

Dr Sophie Lewis, Visiting Scholar, The Alice Paul Center for Research on Gender, Sexuality and Women, University of Pennsylvania; Brooklyn Institute for Social Research

Mothering Against Motherhood, Gestating Against Gender?


14.30-15.30, Monday 8 February 2021:

Cáel M. Keegan, Associate Professor of Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Grand Valley State University, Michigan, USA

Against Queer Theory, or How to do Things with Trans


14.30 – 15.30, Monday 25 January 2021:

Joy James, Ebenezer Fitch Professor of the Humanities, Williams College, USA

Captive Maternal Contradictions: The Limits of Advocacy when "Black Women Save Democracy”


12.30-13.30, Monday 30 November 2020:

Dr Miriam Bak McKenna, Adjunct Lecturer in International Law, Lund University, Sweden

Materialist Feminism: The Political Economy of Gender Equality


14.00-15.00, Monday 16 November 2020:

Nkiru Nzegwu, SUNY Distinguished Professor, Board Member, Distinguished Academy, Department of Africana Studies, and Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies Program, Binghamton University

Feminism as Epistemicide: A Trojan Horse of Progressivism


14.00-15.00, Monday 2 November 2020:

Zakiyyah Iman Jackson, PhD, Assistant Professor of English, University of Southern California

Blackwomanhood en Abyme: The Ecstasy and Noise of Kathleen Collins’s Losing Ground


12.30-13.30, Monday 19 October 2020:

Professor Lindsay Clowes, Women's & Gender Studies Department, Faculty of Arts & Humanities, University of the Western Cape, South Africa

Men, masculinity and feminist theory in a South African university