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University of Cambridge Centre for Gender Studies


We are delighted to announce that Marie Barrere-Collet, PhD in Multi-Disciplinary Gender Studies, has been awarded a Gates Cambridge Scholarship for 2024 and we send our warmest congratulations to Marie on this great achievement!

'I am a multidisciplinary decolonial feminist scholar with an atypical academic journey. My 2023 MA (by Research) in Historical Studies, my first university degree, investigated the dress choices of Creole Mauritian women. My PhD aims to further dissect this sartorial narrative, emphasising its aspects of gendered, racial and cultural resistance. I am committed to exploring and advocating for the identity and voice of Black women, particularly within the context of Mauritian colonial and patriarchal legacies and their persistent socio-cultural effects. My research interwines community engagement and artistic methodologies. Before my MA, I engaged in support and advocacy for various communities, later transitioning into diversity and inclusion education and consultancy. I led ‘Project One Heart’, focusing on the stories of families of Colour and families of marginalised genders across Australia. Additionally, I contributed to various research projects, with publications on the narratives of Black Creole women, their defiance against oppressive systems, and intersectionality within the Indian Ocean region. Notably, I co-authored and co-edited the groundbreaking book ‘Women in the Making of Mauritian History’ in 2021.' Marie Barrere-Collet

Previous Education:
University of Mauritius History (Hist6000) 2023
University of Western Australia Law & Society/Political Science

A list of the class of 2024 can be found on the Gates Cambridge’s Directory page and a feature story on the announcement can be found on the University of Cambridge website here.