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University of Cambridge Centre for Gender Studies


MPhil Text Seminar Lecturers: Academic Year 2023-24

The Multi-disciplinary Text Seminars component of the MPhil introduces students to expert scholars from over twenty University departments engaged in gender research. Experts introduce key texts from within their own field and then engage in debate with students about the merits of their own subject’s approaches. One of the Centre's Lecturers will facilitate discussion on the particular ontological, epistemological and methodological benefits (or potential problems) of differing ways of ‘doing’ gender research. Students therefore also gain a crucial understanding as to how clashing perspectives can be generative of a more holistic and nuanced approach to gender analysis.

These sessions will be used to scrutinise a series of primary texts under the guidance of academic experts from across the Social Sciences, Arts, Humanities, and (Natural) Sciences, including the subjects listed below:


Professor Caroline Bassett, Faculty of English


Digital Humanities


Dr Laura Caponetto, Newnham College




Dr Eleanor Drage, Centre for Future of Intelligence Studies


Future of Intelligence Studies


Dr Isaias Fanlo, Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages and Linguistics


Performance Studies


Professor Loraine Gelsthorpe, Institute of Criminology



Dr Ruth Jackson Ravenscroft, Faculty of Divinity




Dr Alisha Lola Jones, Faculty of Music




Dr Jo Lysons, Centre for Family Research


Developmental Psychology and Family Research


Mr Richard Merrick, Cambridge Public Health


Clinical Medicine


Professor Juliet Mitchell FBA, Jesus College




Dr Douglas Momberg, Department of Archaeology


Human Evolutionary Studies


Dr Eleanor O'Gorman, University of Cambridge Centre for Gender Studies


Development Studies


Professor Robin Osborne, Faculty of Classics




Dr Holly Porter, University of Cambridge Centre for Gender Studies


African Studies and Social Anthropology


Dr Mezna Qato, Newnham College


Asian and Middle Eastern Studies 


Professor John Robb, Department of Archaeology




Dr Garima Sahai, Department of Geography




Dr Rachell Sánchez-Rivera, Department of Sociology




Professor Helena Sanson, Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages and Linguistics


Modern and Medieval Languages and Linguistics - Italian


Professor Samita Sen, Faculty of History




Dr Sarah Steele, Jesus College


Public Policy


Dr Amy Tobin, Department of History of Art


Visual Arts


Dr Lauren Wilcox, University of Cambridge Centre for Gender Studies



International Relations


Dr Vicky Young, Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies


East Asian Studies