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University of Cambridge Centre for Gender Studies


UCCGS is pleased to announce that Aneisa Babkir, MPhil in Multi-Disciplinary Gender Studies, has been awarded a Gates US Cambridge Scholarship for 2024-25. Many congratulations to Aneisa on this fantastic achievement!

'Growing up between my American and Sudanese communities ignited my passion for working in international development. I am particularly interested in women’s rights in the context of peace-building initiatives in Sudan. Specifically, I aim to explore various post-conflict reintegration pathways for women. My undergraduate academic concentrations included international human rights and political economics. Through my previous research at Cambridge, Oxford, and American University, I investigated women’s experiences of displacement and structural violence in situations of post-conflict rebuilding. My hands-on experience in international development includes working with NGOs to tackle housing insecurity and children’s rights in South America, capacity-building programs for young people in rural Morocco and Sudan, and refugee and education equity organizations in the US and UK. As a Gates Cambridge scholar, I will study the gendered dimensions of Sudanese displacement in an effort to reimagine women’s political, social, and economic reintegration pathways.' Aneisa Babkir

Previous Education:
American University Washington International Studies 2023

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