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Ms Sigal Spigel

Lucy Cavendish College Crest

Ms Kerry Mackereth

Ms Mayra Tenorio Lopez

Professor Catharine A. Mackinnon

Professor Catharine A. Mackinnon

Butterfly Politics Book Cover

About Abortion Book Cover

Professor Carol Sanger

Professor Judith Butler Workshop for MGS MPhil and PhD students

Professor Judith Butler and Dr Lauren Wilcox

Dr Jude Browne Pilkington Prize Award

Professor Seyla Benhabib and Dr Duncan Bell

Mr Dale Djerassi and Ms Alexandra MacDowell

Professor Catharine A. Mackinnon

Professor Carol Sanger

Ms Xinlei Sha

Dr Bogdan Popa

Shame Book Cover

Professor Sandra Harding

Professor Seyla Benhabib and Dr Duncan Bell

Annual Report Cover Image 2016-17

Ms Reetika Subramanian

Mr Ching Kwong Wong

Gender Titles Book Stack

Ms Julia Doyle

Ms Juliet Allen

Ms Kerry Mackereth

Ms Lisa Vickers

Protesting the AHA in Uganda

Ms Kerry Mackereth

Dr Mihaela Robila

Professor Hyaesin Yoon

Professor Mary Beard

Professor Peter Frankopan

Women and Power: A Manifesto © Profile Books

Professor Jack Halberstam

Trans* Book cover © University of California Press

Professors Mary Beard and Peter Frankopan

Ms Xinlei Sha

Professor Bina Agarwal

Professor Bina Agarwal 2

Women and the Collective

Farhana Rahman 2

Ms Kylie Lui

Ms Juliana Demartini Brito

Ms Mamasa Camara

Dr Lauren Wilcox 2

Sir David Bell

Lady Primrose Bell

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Anna Forringer-Beal: Gates US Scholar-elect 2019

Dr Holly Porter

Miss Reetika Subramanian 2

Anna Forringer-Beal Gates

Juliana Demartini-Brito

Ms Ola Osman

Ms Mamasa Camara

Ms Kerry Mackereth 2019

Mr Eddie Wei

Professor Rosi Braidotti

UCCGS Public lecture programme

Professor Sandra Harding and Dr Jude Browne

Professor Bina Agarwal Workshop for PhD students

The Alison Richard Building

Mr Caleb Shelburne

Annual Report 2018-19 Cover Image

Ms Naoise Murphy

Jenny Moran

Sara Ahmed

What's the Use?

Professor Marcia Inhorn 2

Professor Catherine MacKinnon 2

Professor Cindi Katz 2

Professor Akbar Ahmed

Professor Sara Ahmed 2

Professor John Dupré

Professor Nancy Fraser

Professor Jacqueline Rose

Professor Mignon Nixon

Ola Osman 2

Anna Forringer-Beal 2019

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Stefanie Felsberger

Professor Jason Sharman

Ms Emmah Wabuke

Ms Amelia Amemate

Dr Julienne Obadia

Dr Laurie Denyer-Willis

Dr Aaron Rapport

Reetika Subramanian

Mansi Hitesh

Dr Eleanor Drage

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Emmah Khisa Senge Wabuke

Namrata Narula

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