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University of Cambridge Centre for Gender Studies



Waruguru Gaitho

Gates Cambridge International Scholar

Legal Mobilization by Black Lesbian, Bisexual and Queer (LBQ) Womxn in Kenya and South Africa

Supervisor: Dr Holly Porter (University of Cambridge Centre for Gender Studies)


Using a legal-sociological framework, this transdisciplinary study seeks to engage in a three-pronged examination: a.) how, paying special mind to the unique challenges in each context, Black LBQ womxn in Kenya and South Africa have employed legal mobilization to advance their rights and improve their lives, b.) why they choose legal mobilization and c.) the impact -both possible and actual- that legal mobilization can have on law and society. The study focuses on the interplay between law and society, thereby moving beyond purely theoretical legal analysis and into the practical aspects of making human rights work and engineering shifts in social norms and values. By examining how we translate ideas of political and personal identity, human rights, social advocacy and legal mobilization into specific strategies, I hope to expatiate intersectionality as lens, epistemology, method, and action. In particular, how individuals at the nexus of intersecting vulnerabilities navigate systems of oppression and complex power relations, to successfully articulate their demands before both the law and society and transform both.

Research Interests:

Queer lawfare, SOGIESC and the law, African sexualities, Combative Decoloniality, Black Feminist Thought, Queer of Color critique, Gender and sexuality studies, Socio-Legal studies.


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