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University of Cambridge Centre for Gender Studies


Lena Moore

Human, Transhuman, Posthuman: The United States Military and the End of Vulnerability

Supervisor: Dr Lauren Wilcox (University of Cambridge Centre for Gender Studies)


My doctoral research focuses on ways in which, in a United States military context, automation, 'precision,' and healing technologies that appear to protect against war-related risk and suffering produce 'human,' 'transhuman,' and/or 'posthuman' subjects through differential assignations of vulnerability and invulnerability. This research is grounded in case studies of 'precision' warfare, the exceptionalization of Special Operations forces, and militarized/military 'healing' technologies. Through examinations of these particular cases, and by situating the US military's 'posthuman project' within a greater system of white supremacist patriarchy, this research reveals ways in which new military technologies and the production of 'posthuman' subjects may reproduce insecurities and exclusionary logics globally. Further, in making that which the state seeks to erase or render invisible the object of inquiry, this project aims to challenge dominant narratives of a civilizing military transhumanism that signals the emergence of a 'safer,' more ethical way of war.

Academic Background:

BA in History, University of Hawaii at Manoa, 2012

MSc in Transnational Security Studies, Royal Holloway, University of London, 2015

Research Interests:

Militarism; posthumanism; race and racism; state and structural violence; military masculinities; artificial intelligence.