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UCCGS Gates International Scholars-elect 2017

last modified Apr 11, 2017 12:09 PM

Gates Cambridge Class of 2017 announced

Gates LogoFifty-five of the most academically exceptional and socially committed people from across the globe have been selected as Gates Cambridge International Scholars.

The Scholars will join the 35 US Scholars selected in late January to form the class of 2017, all of whom will take up the most prestigious international postgraduate scholarship at the University of Cambridge this October. 

Competition for the Scholarships is fierce. The 90 new Scholars were selected from a total pool of around 6,000 applicants on the basis of their intellectual ability, commitment to improving the lives of others, leadership potential and academic fit with Cambridge. 

Ms Kerry MackerethWe are delighted to announce that Ms Kerry Mackereth, PhD in Multi-Disciplinary Gender Studies, has been awarded a Gates International Scholarship for 2017-18:

"As I child I grew up in a number of international contexts, most notably in Sierra Leone during the closing stages of the civil war. In these diverse settings I developed an awareness of the breadth and depth of gender-based injustice. I am completely dedicated in both my academic work and my practical activism to fighting sexism, particularly through disrupting the restrictive narratives we tell about masculinity and femininity. My main academic interests lie in the fields of theories of gender and sexuality and critical race theory. Within these areas I focus upon themes such as embodiment, spectacular politics, and the logics of hunger and desire. In this vein, my PhD in Gender Studies will examine spectacular acts of political violence committed against the self, and the narratives surrounding these acts of political self-sacrifice. I plan to focus on women who undertake such radical acts, with a specific focus on female hunger strikers. My thesis will explore the stories their ravaged bodies tell about politics, and what kinds of stories we tell about these bodies. I am particularly concerned with the powerful role discourse plays in shaping our beliefs about gender and sexuality, as evidenced in the international news media’s coverage of radical political acts. Hence, I hope that my work will challenge these dominant heteronormative discourses and find subversive, alternative readings of female political self-sacrifice."

Ms Mayra Tenorio LopezWe will also welcome a second Gates International Scholar in 2017-18, Ms Mayra Tenorio Lopez, MPhil in Multi-disciplinary Gender Studies: 

"Women in Mexico and across the border in the U.S raised me. From a very young age I saw how gender inequality both limited their lives and increased their susceptibility to violence. Thus, the eradication of gender stratification is the focus of my research and the driving force behind my activism with women and girls. At Swarthmore College I studied Sociology & Anthropology and completed two research projects trying to understand the inconspicuous ways in which gender inequality persists and adapts. After graduation, I listened to and documented women’s stories of survival and collaborated with female-led grassroots movements in nine countries as a Thomas J. Watson Fellow. Women’s stories of resilience and hope affirmed my commitment to produce knowledge that centres the experiences of women of colour, and to support efforts that intervene in the normalisation of violence against women. My research at Cambridge will explore the creation of corporeal responses to violence and collective resistance with other women from the perspective of indigenous women in Guatemala. As an aspiring feminist scholar in the social sciences, my studies will prepare me to engage rigorously with the challenges posed by gender inequality, and further, expand my analysis and vision so that my work may expose and create alternative worlds and possibilities for everyone, especially women."

We congratulate both students on this great achievement.